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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel you may find this blog of some use. When you think of  bathroom renovations  you are probably thinking about the mess, intrusion, renovation costs and the length of time your home will be invaded by tradespeople. It is true

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury Bathrooms The word “Luxury” conjures up all kinds of extravagance in the mind and can mean different things to different people. To some, it could simply be the addition of up market bathroom accessories or installing a free standing natural stone bathtub or perhaps the use of granite or

Chlorine shower  3


Having a chlorine shower, especially in the colder months, can leave you with dry skin that can make you itch causing discomfort, quite often extreme discomfort, this is where a sprite filter may be of help. Ever have that itchy, dry skin feeling after having a shower? It could be

Bath salts


Bath therapy is an increasingly popular way of treating your body for a multitude of ailments.  Our everyday lives subject us to all sorts of things that can be harmful to not only our bodies but also our minds.  Bath therapy is a convenient, non expensive way to address these

Work Place Bathrooms

Workplace Bathrooms

Workplace Bathrooms Occupational Safety and Health have very clear regulations and guidelines for workplace bathrooms to ensure that all workplace bathrooms are constructed safe, kept sanitary and are easily accessible. This is to promote the welfare of the worker.  These guidelines reflect the minimum requirements the workplace must provide to

Industrial Bathrooms

  Industrial Bathrooms- Brisbane Bathroom renovations Polished concrete tops and floors, exposed pipes, exposed timber beams, brickwork, natural timber flooring, chunky chains, vintage lighting and metalwork.  There you have it, and industrial bathroom. Fast becoming the choice in many Brisbane bathroom renovations. Contact us CONTACT US FOR A NO OBLIGATION

Bathroom Renovation

Luxurious Bathrooms

Space is the key element when commencing a luxurious bathroom renovation .Walk in showers with frameless shower screens, freestanding bath tubs with floor mounted tap ware, suspended bathroom vanities, full width vanity mirrors. No matter what size your bathroom is, with a clever bathroom design, your layout can give the

Outdoor bathroom

Outdoor Bathroom

This type of  outdoor bathroom is perfect for Brisbane bathroom renovations considering the beautiful weather available in Queensland. Bring nature into your bathroom by opening up the bathroom onto gardens or bring the garden into your bathroom. Vertical hung gardens can be used to achieve this. Large glass panels separating gardens

Bathroom design textures

Bathroom Design Combining Textures

Anything goes when combing some very different textures into your bathroom design. Natural products such as stone, timber and even concrete give a very rich organic feel to your Brisbane bathroom renovation. Remember the timber paneling used back in the 70’s ?  Yes, it’s back to incorporate in your bathroom

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Leaking Showers

You noticed mould growing in the corner of your shower, you can’t get it out as it seems to be under the silicone, then there’s a good chance that you have a leaking shower. Don’t worry , you’re not alone , it a common problem due to the products and