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budget bathroom remodelling

They’re important; bathrooms and ensuite’s are just like any other room these days! Chances are at some point you’re going to want to improve these rooms. However these are not the easiest things to do up cheaply. Here are some tips on how to save money when your approach the  job.

Small Bathroom Renovation

We all like a huge bathroom too, but unfortunately back in the 1960’s, 1970’s and the 1980’s we never gave this room any consideration,there were only “small bathrooms” required until now. So unless you have a huge budget, extreme patience or a very small bathroom the size of a closet, think through your desires to extend the room and make the area practicable and workable. Doing so will only increase the value of your home.

Before you knock down entire walls to add in a new window or vent, or to completely replace the wall linings; check with Brisbane Bathroom Bliss if this absolutely needs to happen. Sometimes parts of a wall can be replaced, thereby saving you huge amounts of money and a lot of heartache. Don’t replace the toilet solely because you’re replacing the sink and bath. Check with us and we will give you our advice on what’s needed to go and what can be retained, if you do want a more workable and larger bathroom, we can help you with this as we are fully license to take on any job with the BSA right here in Queensland.

Budget Bathroom Remodelling

Old Taps can be ugly however these days, wall taps have come a long way. If we are only doing a small bathroom makeover keep in mind that you will need to replace all the plumbing behind the walls if you happen to go with modern flix mixers, this will cost you a lot more than simply replacing the tap ware as we have wall lining, wet sealing, tiling and the list goes on. So keep in mind if you are on a budget avoid changing these fixtures

Product Selections from the local suppliers

If you’re looking for some new floor coverings, check out your local manufactured home retailer. Inevitably, people want different color schemes when they get a fabricated home, so there are tons of perfectly adequate floor coverings sitting around. It may take a while to find a piece that will work in your bathroom, but it will save you a considerable amount if you can.

Choosing your tiles

If your old porcelain bath is looking a bit weary, it doesn’t have to be a call for a new one. It’s still a job that is better left to professionals, but is much cheaper than pulling out the whole wall just to get to the bath to install a new one, so keep that in mind plus it’ll look a whole sight better. Remember when working with a small bathroom, keep your selection in light netural colours as loud or dark colours will bring your walls in giving it the impression the room is smaller than it really is.

Adding extra light

Before you decide that your bathroom is way too small for anyone to enjoy, think about simple ways of making the room look bigger. White or light color schemes make the room look larger. Using lots of lights will not only make the room look more appealing and brighter, it will also make it look larger. Consider skylights, there very affordable and make your dark bathroom look so much better by simply allowing more light in the room

Porcelain or Stone tiles

It is recommended that you go with porcelain tiles as opposed to natural stone, as they are a fraction of the price and much easier to access. You could look for discontinued lines of tiles. They’ll be much cheaper to purchase.

But, and I say but! Ensure that you buy enough to replace a couple of broken tiles along the way. We always advise to purchase an extra 10% as they will be much harder to find any time after the job is completed, should you need to replace a broken tile. It is only then that you wish you brought a whole lot more because of that one ugly broken tile destroying a great finish.

Do be careful when buying any tile. If it is a low quality product, it will absorb moisture around areas where its been cut and will look much darker, this cannot be fixed on site and will cause problems in time. Only deal with reputable long establish suppliers who you know you can trust, remember some products are cheap for a reason.

Remodel your Bathroom within Budget!

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