You noticed mould growing in the corner of your shower, you can’t get it out as it seems to be under the silicone, then there’s a good chance that you have a leaking shower.leaking shower

Don’t worry , you’re not alone , it a common problem due to the products and workmanship used 15 years ago. Methods of construction and water proofing materials have since changed dramatically.

The problem is, you can’t see the moisture that is getting in behind the sheeting or framing of your shower, or under tiles until it’s too late in most cases.

Getting this checked as soon as possible needs to be put on top of your list, not only does it cause structural problems but it’s a welcoming invite for termites (white ants) that thrive on this type of environment. Termites can do more damage in a short time frame than dry rot. In some cases termites only need 3 months to cause many thousands of dollars’ worth of damage that is not covered by any house hold insurance policy in Australia.

Some companies claim that they can fix this without removing tiles. Unfortunately, what I have seen is that this is only a temporary fix lasting 12-18 months. Most of us know that to fix any problem correctly you need to go to the source of the problem to be guaranteed this doesn’t occur again for the life of the home.

So now you need to think about a reliable waterproofing shower option to fix the leaking shower once and for all.

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