Luxury Bathrooms

The word “ Luxury ” conjures up all kinds of extravagance in the mind and can mean different things to different people.

To some, it could simply be the addition of up market bathroom accessories or installing a free standing natural stone bathtub or perhaps the use of granite or marble.  Luxury in a bathroom comes in many shapes and forms and is very much a personal choice. Most people know Luxury when they see it, but putting it all together while doing bathroom renovations can be a little tricky, if you don’t know what to look for.

Perfect lighting, clever colour choice, rich textures, natural products, space, detailed dressing of the room, wall art, views, contrasts , custom cabinetry, skylights, porcelain tiles to ceiling height and good quality fixtures in taps and shower heads and in all bathroom accessories used, contribute to creating luxury in your bathroom. So before you start your bathroom renovations, imagine your bathroom with nothing in it, a blank canvas if you like, and start from there.

Bathroom designs can vary dramatically depending on the space available and also on lifestyle requirements.  Getting your bathroom designs right is probably the most important part of any bathroom renovations.  So, make sure that you spend the time to think this through very carefully. Lifestyle also plays a big part in your design plan. Busy families will have different requirements than single couples or the elderly. When renovating, think about bath and shower sizing too, if you are a larger person you will need to be comfortable in either the bath tub or shower space that you build at this time.

It’s always a good idea to sketch out a floor plan or two (or however many it takes!) when doing bathroom renovations, to play around with different bathroom designs. You will need to have a budget in mind as luxury bathroom accessories are usually more expensive than regular bathroom accessories.  Although with clever planning, some research and some leg work you can obtain a luxury bathroom for a reasonable cost.
Luxury Bathrooms

In your bathroom designs, always make good use of natural light, make your window and door openings as large as possible or install a skylight. If you are lucky enough to have a view of anything worthwhile, make the most of your windows and doors and capture that view. Bi fold doors and windows can open up the room immensely. Shutters and automatic blinds are very useful on larger windows and doors for privacy and sun block.

Although not essential in creating a luxury look in your bathroom designs, large open spaces give an instant wow factor. A spacious bathroom is inevitably luxurious, regardless of its design. If your bathroom is not large, you can create the illusion of space by being minimalistic, do not clutter with too many features or bathroom accessories and the use of eye catching features. The old saying, “keep it simple” works every time. The walls should be light in colour and the use of large mirrors will help to make the room look much larger than it actually is.

When choosing your vanities, choosing custom made will give you a perfect finish.  The cabinets will fit your room perfectly every time. You will also have the choice of colour and textures not only for the cabinets but also for the bench top.  Granite is a popular choice for bench tops. Extremely hard wearing and oozes luxury.

Luxury Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to use different textures in your bathroom renovations.  Combine the cool look of porcelain tiles with the warmth of timber surrounds or perhaps some cold steel.  Dress the room with bathroom accessories like fluffy towels and contrasting colours in a bowl or vase.  If you keep the majority of the room simple, you can change the décor often simply buy changing the colourful accessories.

Brisbane Bathroom Bliss hopes that you have enjoyed this blog and found it informative.