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When one of our Kedron clients wanted to trade their old, Colonial-style bathroom for an ultra-modern one with a sleek look and sharp lines, the Brisbane Bathroom Bliss team was up for the task.

We found that a home handy man had previously done all of the structural work behind the walls and, after removing the old floor and wall tiles, we discovered it was in very rough shape.

Our team of licensed builders rectified the faulty structural work and ensured that the bathroom renovation would be sound and free of problems for many years to come.

We then began working on the renovation itself, strictly adhering to both time and budget, and using high-quality materials and tools for a top-of-the-line installation.

As a team of Brisbane specialists in both bathroom and laundry designs, we always strive for the very best and seek nothing short of excellence. Our work is our pride and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Due to the poor condition of the previous work, the internal wall structures needed some major repairs before we could actually start on the renovation. Our BSA-insured carpenters, electricians and plumbers got to work right away, stripping the entire bathroom and repairing what needed to be fixed with utmost care.

Bathroom Overview Toilet Area Basin Area
Kedron Bathroom Renovation Overview Water Proffing Shaving Cabinet

Any material waste was always disposed of immediately and the cleanliness of the workspace and the owners’ home was of the highest importance.

We were able to perform all waterproofing, carpentry, plastering, painting, plumbing and electrical necessities that allowed us to complete all aspects of the job in a timely and efficient manner.


After the renovation was complete, our clients were thrilled with the final result and how quickly the work was completed. They were also able to rest easy knowing their renovation had our 7-year workmanship guarantee.

The owners were thoroughly impressed with the on-site project manager who was designated to their home for the entire duration of the renovation and oversaw every step of the way (all of our clients receive their own personal on-site manager to ensure that they receive the best customer care).

They also commented on how happy they were with the professionalism of our renovation team and the level of professionalism and friendliness they experienced throughout the duration of the bathroom renovation.

In the end, the owners received their dream bathroom – sleek, modern, and easy to maintain. Not to mention, a design that will stay relevant for years into the future.

Now, it’s your turn to get the bathroom of your dreams!

We always finish each job on time and have over 35 years of experience. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote today!


Bathroom Overview Toilet Area Basin Area
Kedron Bathroom Renovation Overview Water Proffing Shaving Cabinet

This bathroom renovations Kedron project was completed in just two weeks!

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Kedron Bathroom Renovation Overview Kedron Bathroom Renovation Overview
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Date: 12/08/2014
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