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Perform a renovation on an old, cramped bathroom, making it look cleaner and bigger whilst maintaining simplicity. 


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Bathroom Renovation Camp Hill Before Bathroom Renovation - Before in Camp Hill

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  • Updated the tiling on both the walls and the floor – Used glossy tiling to reflect a modern, updated feel. Black tiles on the floor with white tiles on the wall creates a simple, contrast that can change the whole look and feel of the bathroom.
  • Used a transparent glass for the shower – the old shower glass was dated and also created a distinct barrier within the bathroom. A new, fully transparent glass was added to visually make the bathroom bigger and cleaner.
  • Updated the vanity – A wider vanity was included to make up space and was in theme with the black and white colour scheme used. P.S. Notice the cheeky black tile strip?
  • Extended the mirror – We made use of the wall space and extended the mirror – a great, simple way to make your bathroom look bigger!
  • Installed a new toilet & towel rack
  • Removed the barrier between the shower and the vanity – The divider was segmenting the bathroom, making it smaller whilst only being used for clutter. Taking it down removed the separation and the clutter can now fit in the larger vanity cupboards!

Please note: A lot of these tips can be found in our past article Visually Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger, have a read.


After all our efforts, see the finished product!

Toilet Shower Vanity Basins
Bathroom Renovation - After - Camp Hill Brisbane Bathroom Camphill Shower - After Bathroom Vanities Brisbane - Camp Hill - After


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Bathroom Renovation Camp Hill Before 2 Bathroom Renovation Brisbane - Camp Hill

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Date: 14/11/2013
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