Workplace Bathrooms

Occupational Safety and Health have very clear regulations and guidelines for workplace bathrooms to ensure that all workplace bathrooms are constructed safe, kept sanitary and are easily accessible. This is to promote the welfare of the worker.  These guidelines reflect the minimum requirements the workplace must provide to its employees. Employees must have access to the restroom at all times, not waiting for extended periods of time to use a toilet.

The number of toilets required, in your commercial restroom, depends on the number of employees at the workplace. A workplace is required to have a minimum of one toilet to every 15 employees, three toilets for every 55 employees, five toilets for every 110 employees and six toilets for up to 150 employees.

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In men’s commercial restrooms, some toilets can be replaced by urinals.  The number of toilets, however, should not fall below two thirds of the total required.  Separate restroom facilities designated for men and women must be available in the workplace unless the employer employs 15 people or less.


In this instance one unisex restroom is acceptable, providing that it is lockable and contains at least one toilet. For workplaces in a factory, shed or temporary buildings and ablution blocks, and where the majority of employees are men a urinal trough is another option. These can be flushing or non flushing.

Commercial restrooms are required to implement a high level of hygiene at all times.

For hygiene purposes, all commercial restrooms are required to have both hot and cold running water and a sufficient supply of hand soap for all employees. It is also recommended, for hygiene reasons, to install a hand dryer or paper towels. There are a number of materials that are suitable for a workplace bathroom, keeping in mind the hygiene factor. Stainless steel is a sterile material and highly suitable for this environment.  Caesarstone, laminates and tiles also make suitable bench tops .  Walls and flooring should be water proofed and the walls tiled to the ceiling. A wall mounted mirror is an optional extra and may enhance to the overall appearance of the restroom, not to mention the overall appearance of the employee.

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Maintenance of the workplace bathroom is of utmost importance, all surfaces should be cleaned with a disinfectant solution, and toilets/urninals/troughs scrubbed thoroughly at least once a week.  Working in a hygienic environment spells good health for all employees increasing productivity for the employer.