Bathroom Renovations Capalaba

If you are tired of looking at your old bathroom, relax, we are here to help. Brisbane Bathroom Bliss can renovate your bathroom in Capalaba in just a few weeks. After all, it is one of the most important rooms of the home, besides the kitchen and the laundry which we can also renovate in Capalaba. A stylish new modern bathroom is a great selling point for any home or simply for you and your family to enjoy. We have been building in Capalaba and the Redlands for over 30 years, that’s why people call us the bathroom renovator specialists in Capalaba – Brisbane Bayside .

Is Your Bathroom Due For a Renovation ?   

 After time, your bathroom will need some sort of renovation.  As it is a highly used room , wear and tear takes its toll due to the amount of time we actually spend in bathrooms  on a daily basis. Over time bathrooms also eventually become out dated. One of the best ways to rectify this sort of problem is  engaging with bathroom renovators in Brisbane Bayside who will breathe new life into this part of your home, giving it the modern edge and functionality that you need. Whether you desire to update plumbing and fixtures that haven’t been touched since the 80′s or you want a new look that reflects the personality of the rest of your home, a brand new bathroom design by us is the perfect way to achieve this. Bathroom 

Design and Functionality is Key !   

At Brisbane Bathroom Bliss, we are expert bathroom renovators in the Brisbane Bayside city of Capalaba. We will help you to carefully select each of the elements used in your bathroom renovation in an effort to ensure that  the bathroom design it meets both your functional needs and the design goals that you have set. Whether you need a space that is 100% child-friendly or one that embodies ultimate luxury, your bathroom design can incorporate both, we have the knowledge and bathroom renovator skills to make it a reality. We pride ourselves on being able to come up  with a bathroom design that works and build modern bathrooms that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Trust the Professional Bathroom Renovators in the city of Redlands – Brisbane Bayside 

We have been professional builders and Brisbane bathroom renovators since 1982 located in the beautiful Brisbane Bayside area of the Redlands. Along with our skilled tradesmen, we possess the experience and skills necessary to bring any bathroom renovation and design to life. We guarantee that your bathroom upgrade will be carried out with the utmost in professionalism and with the highest quality workmanship in the industry. Bathroom Renovations Capalaba 


Please give us a call on 0413 056 077 or email us to arrange a on site meeting. Together we can arrange your bathroom design in Brisbane.