Wall Niche in Your Bathroom?

How To Plan a Wall Niche in Your Bathroom? You no longer need to have messy shampoo bottles or caddies in your bathroom. Add a wall niche to your bathroom wall to enhance the functionality as well as esthetics bathroom. Wall niches are not just functional and aesthetically appealing; these are striking design elements that…

Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel you may find this blog of some use. When you think of  bathroom renovations  you are probably thinking about the mess, intrusion, renovation costs and the length of time your home will be invaded by tradespeople. It is true any bathroom remodel will include…


Industrial Bathrooms

Industrial Bathrooms- Brisbane Bathroom renovations
Polished concrete tops and floors, exposed pipes, exposed timber beams, brickwork, natural timber flooring, chunky chains, vintage lighting and metalwork.  There you have it, and industrial bathroom.

Fast becoming the choice in many Brisbane bathroom renovations.